We are a research group at the University of Lleida that develops and transfers technology in the field of the bio-economy
The DBA center brings together a group of researchers from different scientific areas such as: chemistry, biology, pharmacy,agricultural engineering and science and food technology.
The DBA center is located at the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry at the College of Agricultural Engineering, at the University of Lleida. It is equipped with the proper instrumentation and access to the necessary techniques to develop the different processes provided by the center.
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Comprehensive Agrofood Biomass Valorization (MINECO/FEDER, CTQ2015-70982-C3-1-R)

The food industry in Europe produces about 230 million t/year of waste and by-products. APRIBA is designed to develop processes and methodologies focused on the transformation of by-products and wastes from various sources into added value products. We contribute to the development of a low carbon economy using a cascade approach. Commercial products such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, glycogen or biogas, and new compounds that can be used as antimicrobials, fuel additives, eutectic solvents, polymers and in thermal energy storage materials will be prepared using various components of the biomass.
Biotechnology will be one of the crosscutting technologies used in the project. The hydrolysis of proteins and chitin will be performed using biocatalysts, which will lead to peptides and amino sugars. Biocatalysts will also be used to separate fatty acids with different degrees of saturation, to prepare pure glycogen and to synthesize sugar esters. The economic feasibility of the new proposed approaches will also be studied in the framework of the project.
The project is committed to being an actor in the Bio-economy, which aims to carry out a sustainable development through:
a) Adding value to wastes from the agro-food industry
b) The contribution to a transition into an economy and society involved in the use of low carbon footprint products.
c) The contribution to slow down climate change.

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MINECO/FEDER (CTQ2015-70982-C3-1-R)
Preparation of aldehydes from fruit waste by enzymatic methods. Application in tanning. (MINECO / FEDER, RTC-2015-3652-5)

The aim of the project is the application of new chemical and biotechnological processes to fruit wastes, to provide them with added value by obtaining new compounds to be used in tanning, as an alternative to current tanning products as glutaraldehyde. The preparation of new tanning agents from easily accessible wastes will reduce the carbon footprint and pollution generated by the use of chromium salts. In addition, these new tanning agents should improve the properties of the skin once tanned.

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MINECO / FEDER (RTC-2015-3652-5)


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The DBA center participates in the only project approved  in the province of Lleida under the framework  of Nuclis’ call open by ACCIO in  2015
The DBA center participates in the only project approved in the province of Lleida under the framework of Nuclis’ call open by ACCIO in 2015
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